Types of Fevicol and their uses

Types of Fevicol and their uses

Fevicol offers various types of adhesives, each designed for specific applications and materials. Here are some common types of Fevicol and their uses:

  1. Fevicol SH (Synthetic Resin Adhesive):
    • Uses: Fevicol SH is a popular adhesive used in woodworking, carpentry, and furniture making. It is suitable for bonding wood, plywood, MDF (Medium-Density Fiberboard), laminates, particleboard, and other porous materials.
  2. Fevicol Marine:
    • Uses: Fevicol Marine is specially formulated for applications that require water resistance. It is commonly used in boatbuilding, outdoor furniture, and marine-related projects where the adhesive may come into contact with water or moisture.
  3. Fevicol Hi-Per (High-Performance Adhesive):
    • Uses: Fevicol Hi-Per is a fast-setting adhesive with high bonding strength. It is ideal for quick repairs, fixing loose edges, and bonding various materials like wood, metal, glass, and ceramics.
  4. Fevicol HeatX:
    • Uses: Fevicol HeatX is designed for applications that involve exposure to high temperatures. It is commonly used in bonding heat-sensitive materials like PVC, vinyl, and foam boards.
  5. Fevicol Kwik (Instant Adhesive):
    • Uses: Fevicol Kwik is a super-fast curing adhesive that is ideal for bonding small components, rubber, plastics, and metal parts. It is commonly used in DIY projects and small repairs.
  6. Fevicol SR (Solvent Resin Adhesive):
    • Uses: Fevicol SR is a solvent-based adhesive used in various industrial applications, including laminating paper to wood or paper to paper bonding.
  7. Fevicol SpeedX:
    • Uses: Fevicol SpeedX is a high-strength adhesive suitable for a wide range of materials, including wood, MDF, plywood, and particleboard. It offers quick drying and high bonding performance.
  8. Fevicol Pro:
    • Uses: Fevicol Pro is a professional-grade adhesive designed for carpentry and interior applications. It is suitable for bonding wood, laminates, veneers, and other materials used in the furniture and construction industry.

Remember to carefully read the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations for each type of Fevicol to ensure proper usage and optimal bonding results. Additionally, always consider the specific requirements of your project before choosing the most appropriate type of Fevicol adhesive.

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